Network founders Alison Jack and Naomi Appleton have been working with local school teachers to find better ways of using religious stories in RME / RMPS lessons.The project “Approaching Religion Through Stories” has resulted in CLPL events and resources for school teachers.

After some initial discussions with Joe Walker (Education Scotland) and Alan Hyland (Moray House School of Education), we held two training events in association with Education Scotland (Edinburgh, Jan 2015; Glasgow, March 2015) in which we explored new approaches to a well known parable and then used the same approaches on an unfamiliar story from the Buddhist tradition. These events and follow-on discussions with school teachers enabled us to understand how we could best help. With the support of three consultant teachers – Louise Hepburn, Martin Downes and Robert O’Neill – we created some new resources, which were launched at an event in May 2016. This booklet of resources was circulated at the May event.

All the resources we have created are available as individual pdf files on the Resources page of this website, for the free use of teachers.

We are also building up a collection of Lesson Plans and other resources created by fellow teachers.

Resources provided as part of the project Approaching Religion Through Story are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. They are free to use, copy and adapt for all non-commercial purposes.